Archive of GUV Diploma Thesis

Archive of GUV Diploma Thesis is a catalog of theses, which allows to publish and provides support for the process involved in submitting and preparing thesis for defense.

This process consists of:

- entering the title of thesis to USOS system by Dean's Office,

- filling in information about the thesis (abstract, keywords, language of thesis) and uploading files with thesis by student,

- sending thesis to anti-plagiarism system by the supervisor,

- approving thesis and report of the results of the anti-plagiarism analysis by the supervisor,

- putting thesis on hold and sending to be corrected in case of mistakes or exceeded similarity coefficients,

- entering review by the supervisor and reviewers.



Dear Students, if you are unable to enter information about your thesis to APD system, please contact Dean's Office.

Both Universities are connected to the JSA anti-plagiarism system, unfortunately we cannot transfer data to JSA from both universities at the same time, therefore the days in which it will be possible to check the thesis and accept the anti-plagiarism result for each institution have been divided:

- from Sunday to Wednesday - Vistula University,

- from Thursday to Saturday - Vistula School of Hospitality.